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DAYS - Diabetes and You Society
was founded by Dr.Ch.Vasanth Kumar in 1999 to enable economically  and socially   deprived children  and  adults   to   avail affordable  or  free   treatment and counseling support in  the management of diabetes.

The Dream...
reach out  to every  underprivileged child  who  has diabetes and not  able to manage due  to economic conditions.

Dissemination of information, prevention and management of diabetes.

Soundarya - aged 9 years was diagnosed as suffering from diabetes when  she fell  seriously ill  and had to be hospitalised. Investigations  revealed that she  was  suffering   from severe diabetes and malnourishment.

She was referred to DAYS within 15 days of being hospitalised and is currently being treated with 30- 50 units of insulin per day and is also on vitamin suppliments to tackle her low immunity and low hemoglobin count.

Soundarya has to live with this disease life-long. Her father is a barber and mother is a domestic worker - their combined annual income is approximately Rs. 12,000/- per annum ($ 260 per annum). She has two siblings and she is the eldest. She lives with her family in Siddipet, Medak district.

To remain active and healthy, Soundarya needs to follow a strict medication regime which  comprises of two injections of insulin dialy and visit DAYS for weekly check-ups.

Her family needs to support the additional cost of medications and nutrition.

DAYS supports her diagnostic investigations, medication costs and travel expenses to  enable  her  to keep up the follow up appointments. Counseling support has helped her understand insulin management and she is able to inject herself. Don't forget she is only 9 years old.

She still needs to lead a normal life - attend school, be happy and enjoy her childhood.

Many children like Soundarya needs DAYS and DAYS needs you to support this noble cause.

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